The New SC Property Tax Bill: What Homeowners Should Know

In light of the state’s new real property tax bill that just came out from the South Carolina Department of Revenue, we wanted to make sure homeowners are aware of their rights to appeal.

To explain, everyone who owns real property in the state of South Carolina just received there 2023 tax bill, and, in most cases, property taxes have increased from the previous year, with some increasing by as much as 30 percent!

But, if the homeowner does not agree that the property has increased this much in this time frame or they feel that it is above the market value, they can hire us to perform a private appraisal on the property to determine its true value. Our team of certified and general licensed South Carolina appraisers at For What It’s Worth Appraisals can review your tax bill, then complete a true market value private appraisal instead of a mass appraisal and dispute your case with the tax office to reduce the tax value and taxes based on what was determined to be the market value.

Here’s how the process works – and where we come in:

  • Homeowners may appeal a property tax assessment by filing a protest within 90 days of the assessment. Homeowners can agree with portions of the property tax assessment and disagree with others.
  • The protest must be in writing and include your taxpayer ID numbers and contact info, the tax period or date the tax was proposed, the value determined, the kind of property tax that is in dispute, a statement of facts that support  your position and the reasons for your protest, a statement of the fair market value, and the property tax classification you believe is correct.

For professional guidance through this complicated real property tax appeals process, give us a call at For What It’s Worth Appraisals at 843-808-1533.



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