6 Reasons You Should Never Price a House by Price Per Square Foot
24th May 2024

Here at For It’s Worth Appraisals, we offer real estate counseling services to developers, homeowners, operators, and investors. One piece of advice we give when it comes to selling a house is not to solely rely on the price per square foot. It is...

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The Benefits of Solid Backing for Vinyl Underpinning in Manufactured Homes
1st May 2024

Because of their affordability and flexibility, manufactured homes are becoming increasingly popular, and, just like any home option, they also need certain maintenance to keep up their value and durability over time. One of those maintenance practices is the home’s vinyl underpinning, or skirting,...

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6 Myths & Facts of Appraisals
21st March 2024

The home appraisal industry is muddied with myths. Which is why our team here at For What It’s Worth Appraisals wants you to understand the truths of appraisals to save you from making misguided decisions. Here are some common myths and counterfacts to set...

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The Essential Role of Professional Appraisals During a Divorce
23rd February 2024

Divorce is a challenging change in life that affects you personally, of course, but can also affect you financially. Unfortunately, a complex part of a divorce settlement is the division of assets, including real estate, which means the expertise of a professional appraisal company...

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A Look at the 2024 Real Estate Market: High Demand Despite Rising Mortgages
22nd January 2024

Happy New Year! 2024 is already shaping up to be a standout year in the real estate industry because of this surprising trend: a surge in mortgage demand despite rising interest rates and a cooling housing market, thanks to the tightening reins of the...

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Destress If You’re Hosting at Home for the Holidays
22nd December 2023

Stress is always at an all-time-high over the holidays, but what can we do when hosting friends and family at home – both beforehand and during – to tamper that stress and prove that it’s still the most wonderful time of the year? Prep...

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