The Essential Role of Professional Appraisals During a Divorce

Divorce is a challenging change in life that affects you personally, of course, but can also affect you financially.

Unfortunately, a complex part of a divorce settlement is the division of assets, including real estate, which means the expertise of a professional appraisal company becomes invaluable to help you understand the worth of your shared property and ease the divorce process overall.

Here’s how:

Fair Asset Division
The fair, or equitable, distribution of assets during a divorce is key. But both parties need to understand that “equitable” does not always mean “equal.” This is where a professional appraiser comes in to offer an unbiased valuation of property to ensure that both parties receive a fair share. A fair asset division is especially important for assets like family homes, investment properties, or any real estate holdings that might not have a clear market value without a thorough evaluation.

Objective Valuations
Disagreements over the value of shared property can inflame conflicts during divorce cases. An impartial, professional appraisal can reduce conflict by providing a factual basis for discussions. This will help to reduce the emotional charge so both parties can focus on a fair and practical outcome that is best for everyone.

Informed Decision-Making
Deciding whether to keep or sell a property during a divorce is a major decision. Which is why an accurate, up-to-date appraisal gives both parties the information needed to make more informed decisions. Decisions, like should you buy out your ex-spouse’s share? Or should you both agree to sell the property and divide the proceeds? Knowing the true value of the property will lead to making more informed decisions.

Legal Support
Divorce court often relies on appraisal reports, a critical piece of evidence, to determine the value of assets. An appraisal by a certified professional can influence decisions about asset division, alimony, and child support.

Protection for Your Finances
Getting an appraisal is the first step to understanding the value of your assets and planning for a stable financial future post-divorce, which includes future home ownership, investments, and retirement down the road.

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