Ready, Set, Grow!

We are so blessed to announce that business is so good, we’ve outgrown our current office and have officially began construction on a new, bigger office to improve our work environment.

“The new office building will decrease employee distraction time and help us focus better on the work at hand by providing a healthy, clean, attractive, modern building,” says Mike Sichitano, owner of For What It’s Worth Appraisals (FWIW). “Also, we’re leasing our building right now, but we will 100 percent own the new office building.”

The new property, located at 1045 London Street in Myrtle Beach, is only 100 yards from our current office, so we won’t be hard to find! Construction has officially begun, starting with the land being cleared for the building pad.

When completed and open for business (tentatively in May 2024), the new office will be comprised of two floors and a total of 6,000 heated square feet, with FWIW, Intracoastal Homes, and Coastal Insurance – all owned by Sichitano and his wife, Sarah – occupying the entire second floor, which is just over 3,000 heated square feet. Two ground floor units will be leased out at just over 1,500 heated square feet each.

“There are additional benefits of this new office building,” says Sichitano. “We will be able to enjoy the consistency of a fixed payment every month, create additional revenue streams by leasing out part of our new office space, boost employee morale by designing a place where people love to come to work, enjoy tax benefits, and apply annual depreciation deductions.”

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